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Solar Energy Appliances (SEA) Projects

Our 1 World is still very involved with Solar Cookers and now also with Solar Ceiling Fans.  These projects are both focused on directly improving the lives of people in Vietnam while also proving that we can improve the health, wealth, and standard of living of people while still being sustainable environmentally.

Solar Ceiling Fans – FREE is COOL!

Solar PV Powered Ceiling Fans

PV SOLAR CEILING FAN GIVEAWAY In celebration of Earth Day 2008, we donated three PhotoVoltaic (PV) solar-powered Vari-Cyclone Ceiling Fans (each a complete system including installation) to members of the VA NGO Network for their development work in Vietnam. This is a gift that will continue to give, as long as the sun shines on our planet.

We hope that you will collaborate withO1W on this pilot phase, as we have no clients of our own, we want to start helping Vietnam toward sustainability.  Power plant infrastructure to provide electricity in Vietnam is fast growing, however it will most likely benefit the hospitality/tourism/manufacturing industry, and power shortage will remain an issue for everyday life of most people.

We have installed 2 systems in Vietnam in March 2008.  One was installed at an orphanage in Nuoc Ngot, near Lang Co, Hue; and the other system in Hoi An.  As of early April, it is running from 8am to 4pm on most days, and provides cooling relief with quiet movement of air.  Each system includes:


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•    2 PV Solar PANELS (a total of 20 watts, 24VDC systems)
•    120 RPM and 3400 CFM

This is no ordinary fan, it is designed by the scientist/inventor Paul MacCready. Feel free to contact Foster at RCH Fanworks if you need more information. We paid $390/each system including shipping from  Washington State to California, but we probably will beef up the system to larger solar panels for the next sets and it will cost more.

My staff, Phuoc Em from Hoi An will install it, O1W has equipped him with all the necessary tools for this task. Mike and PE did the 1st installation themselves, but we ran out of time, so PE installed all by himself, and did a beautiful job.

At this phase, we will base the award on geographical location near Hoi An, preferably to stay in Quang Nam, Thua Thien, Quang Tri for this pilot phase to reduce cost of installation and monitoring.  We are looking for your organization to assist only with minimal travel expenses for PE from Hoi An to your location to accomplish the installation. At time, PE does travel to HCM for other work, and that could be arranged.

Solar Cookers – the Real Sol Food

While working on the Soymilk Nutritional Supplement project, Cathy had to stand long hours stirring the milk with smoke from the open flame 3-prong rings. The pilot project started in Spring 2006 with 20 solar parabolic cookers for rural families in the Phan Rang area of Ninh Thuan Province. We have provided an immediate solution to improve lives, reduce indoor air pollution, drinking water, reduce family workloads, yet remain affordable for the local community. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

The Solar Cooker  – Made of stainless steel and mounted on a metal frame, the parabolic cookers reflect the sun rays into one focal point. The families now used to cook rice, soup, braise foods and boil water.

We continue to monitor, survey, and work within the VA NGO network to expand this solar cooking project for the coming years.

You can provide a solar cooker to serve a family of 4 by donating $60 or more. >> Donate now

2008 Update

I continue to provide Solar Cookers for the rural family in hope that this will eliminate indoor air pollution from smoke from cooking in open fire. This has been known to be the 4th cause of death in developing country.
I shipped some of these units back here, and been going on tour for advocacy with Solar Cooking at different alternative energy fair, and Earth Day Event as well as HS Clubs. Mostly in the US, it does not cost me much of anything but some food cost to cook, I just want people to be aware that cooking in the sun is an alternative, I often cook at home now with my Solar Cooker – from Pho Ga – chicken needle soup, to Thit Bo Kho – beef stew, to Che – pudding, to Vegan & Mediterranean Food, etc..

Important of Play and Artwork Creativity
We bring toys and art supplies that promote imagination and creativity in the minds of the young people, such as lego, construction buildings toys, thinking games, how to draw books and crayons and art supplies, and we buy local art products. We distribute them at orphanages and set up play day with rotating stations to allow teachers and caretakers to monitor easier.

Bicycle Donations
We help fund raise for bicycle to recipient of Pacific Links Foundation SPELL scholarship project for at-risk girls to human trafficker in the Mekong Delta region near the border of Cambodia. A bike is not just to get to school, it is share among many family members, for transporting goods, for taking little siblings around. It reduce the amount time walking as children in Vietnam has to tend to family and farming chores. It also help to protect the children from the relentless heat in midday when they go home for lunch.

Tree Planting
We donate some money to purchase Mango seedlings for a community in Quang Tri.  There, the teachers are caring for the plants, in hoping at maturity they can provide fresh fruits as snack for school children.

Cyclo Culture for Hue
We support the grass root project started in Hue by the local community, again through Pacific Links Foundation – Cultural and English language Training for Hue’s cyclo (pedicab) drivers to improve tourism services and earnings for a very poor and less educated population. It is also an alternative mode of transport and help cutting down the smog and noise pollution.

Nutrition and Hygiene for Healthy Living: I have been teaching in Vietnam also thru the VA NGO Network Capacity Building Workshops.  Our target audience are rural people, teachers, caretakers from orphanage, healthcare workers at the local/rural clinics. I strongly believe more than just helping a child, i need to help those that live and work there, so they can in turn help their people. I work to provide them with such opportunities, the tools, knowledge and experience. The class provided are free to attendees, but often O1W sponsors these workshop to buy supplies, materials, lunch, snacks; or to provide local transportation/food/lodging for some of the presenters or attendees. Other workshops that my colleagues taught range from Early Childhood Development, Self Esteem/Self Confident, Social Works (esp in adolescence), Women’s Health, Heathy Child Assesment at Schools, Social Responsibilities. everyone of us are bilingual, so that really help on transferring knowledge appropriately with cultural sensitivity.

Play & Art Center – every trip, every community that we visit, we give out art supplies, and drawing materials and educational toys to allow the children creativity and imagination to blossom, to run wild!!! We funded trips for our local volunteers to continue to set up this ” play day” sometimes with Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich for snack. simple, easy, fun. We are working on collaboration to set up “Mobile” Library, Mobile in this sense is the Library stay for a few months in one locale, then we rotate to another location, provide perhaps another set. Then we see how this pilot phase work, and get more funding to set up more permanent library.


Many of you are aware of our new education programs which are in development in 2009.  This page will have information about our education programs.  Please be patient and check here again in the future.

Rocket Stove

We are developing a program to design and build affordable, highly efficient wood burning stoves that can be made locally in Vietnam.  Check back for more details soon.