Hosted by VA NGO Network

Sunday August 12, 2007, 9am – 12noon
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Workshop will be held in English, materials will be provided in CD format. Please bring laptop for hands-on training.

Are you struggling to manage your financial data and never seem to have enough time or resources? Do you have problems auditing financial details from Vietnam? How does your organization’s resources stack up in relation to donations received and program expenditures?

Tools for Financial Efficiency is a hands-on training that cover tips & processes that can be set up to manage your organization’s finances. The workwhop also provides hands-on training and templates that can be quickly applied.

Topics will include:

  • Reviewing your organization’s financial health
  • Managing donations & funding sources to forecast & budget programs and resources
  • Streamlining process for managing Vietnam program expenditures
  • Instant snapshot reportings through simple excel templates

Who should attend?

Program managers, financial & executive officers of nonprofit organizations.

About the presenter:

Ms. Vi Tuong Nguyen has extensive experience in executive, program & financial management, serving in different capacities as Treasurer, Program Director, and Executive Director for a number of nonprofit organizations in California. She is currently Treasurer of Pacific Links Foundation and member of the VA NGO Network’s Information Technology team. Vi has also worked for over 18 years as programmer & technical consultant in high tech industry, providing software solutions and training to human resources & finance functions of high tech corporations.

About the Vietnamese American NGO Network:

The Network’s mission is to strengthen its member’s abilities to have a broad impact in humanitarian and development work in Vietnam, by building a united voice on issues of common interest, delivering practical benefits and building capacity for member organizations.

Organized by VA NGO Network in collaboration with Children of Peace International, Pacific Links Foundation, Ninh Binh Project, and Our1World. Free Registration. Space is limited, please register early.

Monday, July 23 and Tuesday, July 24, 2007 – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Trung Tâm Bảo Trợ Trẻ Em

Tam Bình, Thủ Đức, Việt Nam

This is an important time in the educational history of Vietnam: Teachers, educators face a great challenge in creating educational activities that honor Vietnam’s culture, history and values and at the same time allow child care providers, teachers to grapple with new ideas and teaching techniques designed to give them a greater sense of mastery in their workplace. This training program will provide workshops and materials to help train teacher-trainers and VANGO staff and volunteers.

Goals of the program

  1. To stimulate the natural curiosity of children,
  2. To help meet the increasing demand of quality educational materials and training young children

Effective Communication – Presenting You!
Presenter: Bình Nguyễn Rybacki

Knowing how to present you is an important skill to succeed in society. This workshop is offered as part of the capacity building initiative by the VANGO Network. Participants will learn to list their marketable skills and present them by verbal or written method to enhance their professional growth. This workshop will be conducted as a two-day-long living inquiry into the relationship between learning and leading, applying the term leader to anyone who influences people and events.

Participants will:

  • Develop a link between personal deep values and the ways they choose to affect people in the workplace
  • Get practical ideas on:
    • Building self esteem
    • Developing reflective and thinking skills on a creative level

Learning through Play
Presenter: Nguyễn Tri Như Quỳnh

How does play prepare for learning? How can parents/teachers encourage children’s play? These hands-on workshops will address the importance of play. This series will help participants to explore a greater appreciation of art and enhanced language learning. It includes:

  • Exploring science
  • Using music to teach language
  • Using poetry and story, we will work/play to bring the spoken words alive, filled with gesture, color, imagination, and life. Learn some of the basic elements of storytelling.

Practical Solutions for Difficult Learners
Presenter: Trần Kim Ánh

How can center, child care providers, and teachers include and teach children whose behaviour is challenging and disruptive? In this series of workshops participants will look at :

  • Working with the Energies of Young Learners 3-11 year-olds
  • Reasons why these children behave as they do
  • Practical strategies for managing children in the classroom

Participants will get practical ideas on:

  • Increasing children motivation and involvement
  • Involving children in sharing and co-operation

Who should attend?

  • Staff/volunteers of NGOs and grassroot organizations working in rural communities; school personnel and all personnel involved with education projects.
  • Staff/Volunteers who want to sharpen their skills on how to present or talk to others and/or the media about their work and their nonprofit organizations
  • Professionals who want to polish their presentation skills to increase capacity

About the presenters
Mrs. Bình Rybacki has spent over 20 years in the field of providing sales, marketing, media relations training etc. to companies, including big names like Hewlett Packard, Interleaf, Soroptimist International, high schools and colleges in the US. In 1993, she founded Children of Peace International (COPI). COPI provides funding for 14 orphanages and schools that serve more than 5,000 children; it organizes medical mission trips to the orphanages and to rural Vietnamese villages; it builds and supports medical facilities, schools, provides scholarships and micro-loans, and facilitates adoptions.

Ms. Nguyễn Tri Như Quỳnh  has had more than ten years of teaching English as a Second Language in universities in Vietnam and about three years in Early Chidhood Education. She was trained by Bananas Inc and Pacific Links Foundation in ECE and since then has been actively participating in workshops for childcare providers in provinces in Vietnam including Hue, Da Nang and An Giang. Currently, Quynh is employed by An Giang University. Her responsibility includes teaching ESL, working on a project to build a bilingual childcare center for An Giang University and coordinating with PALS in the ADAPT program.

Mrs. Trần Kim Ánh  has extensive experience in conducting Early Childhood & Care Education (ECCE) trainings for parents and teachers. Anh co-founded Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) in 2001. PALS provides numerous IT and ECCE training sessions for more than 2,000 ECE students, child care providers and teachers in Vietnam. PALS’s ADAPT program in collaboration with EMW and ICAN provides scholarships and vocational training for over 1,000 young women and girls at risk of becoming victims to international human trafficking.

About the Vietnamese American NGO Network
The Network’s mission is to strengthen its member’s abilities to have a broad impact in humanitarian and development work in Vietnam, by building a united voice on issues of common interest, delivering practical benefits and building capacity for member organizations

Public health is concerned with what we, as a society, do collectively to assure the conditions in which people live can be healthy. Social work is concerned with how to use relationships to solve problems that impact community and individual health. This series of workshops will look at three community health problems:

  1. Human Abuse and Violence of Adults and Children;
  2. Substance Abuse;
  3. Utilization of group process to impact the health of communities.

Each problem will be addressed in a workshop format that permits professionals and those interested in working with people and communities such as those in the field of social work to attend. These workshops will emphasize practical methods of working with people and solving problems.

We invite participants who are either (1) staff, faculty, and social work students from An Giang University or (2) social workers/collaborators of Vietnamese American NGOs and other NGOs. These workshops will be particularly relevant to those working with disadvantaged, traumatized and/or handicapped children (in orphanages, children centers, youths at-risk & victims of trafficking) as well as adults who have experienced human abuse
and violence or are struggling with drug abuse problems.

Participants may attend one or more workshops. There is no registration fee for these workshops. Space is limited and priority will be given to participants from co-sponsoring universities and organizations. All universities and organizations are responsible for the costs of transportation, meals and lodging associated with sending their staff/collaborators to the training. A light lunch will be provided to registered participants.


The Vietnamese American Non-Governmental Organizations Network (VA NGO Network) is honored to host the Reception for the 7th Congress of Pediatrics of Central Vietnam.

Hue, Vietnam, February 13, 2007 – Project Vietnam (AAP-PV), Children of Peace International (COPI), and the Vietnamese American Non-Governmental Organizations Network (VA NGO Network) will host the Reception for the 7th Congress of Pediatrics of Central Vietnam at the Hotel Saigon Morin in Hue on March 4th, 2007. Co-sponsors for this event include East Meets West Foundation, Kids Without Borders, International Children Assistant Network (ICAN), Our 1 World, Pacific Links Foundation and VNHELP.

The purpose of the Pediatrics Congress is to share best practices and knowledge on children health among professionals. This Congress is expected to draw up to 400 attendants of pediatric professionals and representatives of Vietnam health institutions. The Congress is organized by the Vietnamese Pediatric Association, a national organization for Vietnam pediatricians and advocates for the healthcare needs of children in Vietnam. Professor Nguyễn Tấn Viên, PhD, President of the Pediatric Association of Central Vietnam is the Chief of the Organizing Committee of this Congress.

The Network’s mission is to strengthen its member’s abilities to have a broad impact in humanitarian and development work in Vietnam, by building a united voice on issues of common interest, delivering practical benefits and building capacity for member organizations.