Join us for an evening of The Sound of Fire and Bronze, an enchanting blend of jazz, traditional Vietnamese folk-inspired music and original scores. Performed by the internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist Nguyen Le and Dan Tranh virtuoso Van-Anh Vanessa Vo.

Van-Anh Vannessa Vo
Sheldon Brown
Aaron Germain
Jimi Nakagawa
with special guest artist Nguyen Le

Event venue & date:
Rose Center Theatre, Orange, California
November 3rd, 2012, 7 – 11pm
For further information, please visit website at

VA NGO Network cordially invites all members and friends of the Network to:

Sunday Nov 4, 2012, 8:30am – 1:00pm
Fountain Valley Hospital
1700 Euclid at Warner, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Saltzer Conference Room






Networking & light breakfast



Best Practices of medical mission teams from Project Viet Nam , SAP-VN and Good Samaritan. Sharing resources, data and info.



VANGO Network Health Education Initiative PedFACTS- Viet Nam






Projects and Public Health Programs benefiting Healthcare (Clean water, Sanitation, FHF Hygiene & Health Through Peer Education, Bep lo Xanh)



Changing Healthcare needs in Vietnam for the General Population



Wrap up & Lunch

VA NGO Network Health Education Initiative (HEI)
2011 Fall PedFACTS-Vietnam Training Course

Hue: Monday – Tuesday, November 7-8, 2011 – 8:00am-5:00pm
Center for Humanity Education Hue City, Nguyen Sinh Sac Street, Hue, Vietnam

Ha Noi: Wednesday – Thursday, November 9-10, 2011 – 8:00am-5:00pm – Ha Noi Training College, 67B Cua Bac Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi

REGISTER NOW: Deadline: November 1, 2011
The VA NGO Network Health Education Initiative (HEI) PedFACTS-Vietnam is a collaboration between Project Vietnam Foundation, American Academy of Pediatrics and VANGO Network focusing to provide the Pediatric First Aid Training for caregivers and teachers based on PedFACTS for which the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has granted Vietnamese copyrights to Project Vietnam Foundation (PVNF). Over the next three (3) years, the goals of the Health Education Initiative (HEI) are to reach:

  • Over 200 PedFACTS-Vietnam instructors
  • Over 2,000 providers
  • At least 30,000 children towards a safer environment

HEI PedFACTS-Vietnam Training Course

  • PedFACTS-Vietnam Instructor Development Course is aiming to provide the necessary skills for instructors to teach pediatric first aid. (2 day)
  • PedFACTS-Vietnam Provider First Aid Training provides caregivers and teachers the basic first aid skills and confidence that they need to effectively care for children. (1 day)

Course Objectives

  • Improve knowledge of child care givers
  • Reduce injury and emergency events for children in the school/childcare setting
  • Introduce training on First aid for preschool/school teachers, for proposed adoption into national standards

Who should attend?

  • Pediatric doctors and nurses working for VANGO Network member organizations and local hospitals, schools and childcare centers
  • Kindergarten teachers and caregivers working for VANGO Network member organizations and local schools and childcare centers

Participants will receive the Instructor or Provider Certificate American Academy of Pediatrics AAP & the VA NGO Network provided they have successfully completed the course.


VA NGO Concert @ The Oasis

Jazz Fusion guitarist great, Nguyen Le (Django D’Or Award) and Emmy Awards Winner, Academy Award Nominee Contributor, Vietnam National Tranh zither champion Van Anh Vanessa Vo offer an evening of jazz inspired by Vietnamese folk music. Artists Aaron Germain, bass player and Jimi Nakagawa, Taiko drummer also collaborate to perform in this benefit concert for the Health Education  Initiative in Vietnam. Saturday Oct 15, 2011, 7pm-9pm, Oasis Center, 801 Narcissus Ave, Newport Beach, CA Tickets $35, $55, $75 or call 714 330 3589.

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Listen to the music HERE!

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Xin giới thiệu một Biểu diễn duy nhất tại quận cam, Nhạc sĩ nổi tiếng quốc tế về Jazz Nguyễn Lễ (giải Django Vàng về guitar) và Vân Ánh Vanessa Võ, nhạc sĩ với giải thưởng đàn tranh toàn quốc và giải nhạc Emmy sẽ trình diển cho quy vị một buổi nhac hoà tấu Jazz hoà nhạc đông phương với dân ca VN. Nhạc sĩ Aaron Germain – đàn guitar bass và nghệ sĩ bậc thầy về trống Taiko Jumi Nakagawa sẽ phối hợp với 2 nhạc sĩ VN tài năng để đem lại nhạc truyền thống VN với nhịp đập mới–nhịp đập của thế kỉ 21 nhưng vẫn mang đậm màu sắc và hương vị của truyền thống văn hóa VN, với những dân ca Dân ca quan họ Bắc Ninh Ly Ngựa Ô, mùa thu Hà Nội cúc vàng, dân ca Huế Hò Hụi. Buổi hòa tấu này sẽ trợ giúp cho chương trình Giáo Dục Y tế tại VN. Một cơ hội duy nhất vào ngày thứ bảy, 15 tháng 10 từ 7-9 giờ tối tai Oasis center, 801 Narcissus Ave, Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, CA. Giá vé: $35, $55,$75 co bán tại Lee Sandwich Mcfadden, Bolsa Tickets, Nhá hàng Viễn Đông hoặc mua trực tiếp trễn mạng

Mọi chi tiết xin liên lạc cô Cathy Lâm tại 714 330 3589.

Music Preview – The Black Horse

Listen to the music HERE!

Listen to the Ad in Vietnamese

Watch her in concert

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