About Us

What’s in the name and logo?

Our 1 World means that we only have 1 World, 1 Planet, and that it is irreplaceable.  We must embrace this 1 World ourselves.

We are part of 1 community.  We are all in this 1 together, working, living, playing, creating.  We must continue to take care of this wonderful 1 and only 1 WORLD.

Our Logo is designed by Ted, the Traveler, depicting what a beautiful Our 1 World is and will continue to be so.

Our 1 World is not a 501(c)3.  Why?

To keep our living simple and concentrate primarily on direct programs, we choose to partner with several organizations. This reduce the amount of time we have to file for accounting for reporting.

Contact Us

Write to us to learn more about our programs or to get involved at our1world@gmail.com


Ahhh we are FAMOUS: Our 1 World is featured in:

Coast Magazine

November 2011  Read article online