Our mission is to lead effective collaborations and strengthen the humanitarian, cultural, and development work by delivering capacity building workshops to underserved communities.

The basic principles to guide our endeavor are transparency, accountability, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Our program activities and specific programmatic elements are designed to promote a combination of these principles. The selection of these principles is itself derived from our deep belief that these pillar principles provide the common higher ground for engaging our communities here in the US as well as in Vietnam towards the development of a just and thriving society.

Primary Goals

The VANGO Network has 4 interconnected primary goals aiming to improve our collective ability to assist the people of Vietnam through engaging our stakeholders:

Capacity Building: Strengthen our own organizations, including the Network organization, which are dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Vietnamese.

Interorganizational Communications & Community Awareness: Build strong ties between our organizations to share information, to collaborate on projects & community-building activities and to raise the Vietnamese American community awareness in its impacts through effective charitable efforts.

Advocacy: Build an organized representation so that VA NGOs as a sector can effectively work with the US and Vietnamese governments, funders and international partners on the policy-level so to foster diaspora philanthropic contributions towards the development in Vietnam.

Partnership: Engage our Vietnamese counterparts to bolster common heritage ties and build the foundation for sustainable improvements in the livelihood of communities.