Call to Action

With the ongoing needs of our local at-risk students and disadvantaged communities, your help make a huge difference. Please help us to assist these young lives!

  • $150 to keep a youth from high-risk families and villages to stay in school. We need scholarships for 80 students.
  • $200 to allow an underprivileged student to participate in HIPE’s Young Leadership Training to become a Peer Health Educator (PHE). We need to support training for 110 youths from poor families and under-served schools and communities.
  • funding for 30 kids.

  • $350 to enable high performing youths from poor families to attend local colleges and universities and continue to commit to HIPE health education program. We need funding for 30 kids.
  • $500 to fund a community-based health education and promotion program for a village of 200 house-holds or 800 people and sustain a community health coalition. We need funding for 12 villages.
  • $1,200 to elevate preventive and protective knowledge for youths from high-risks communities through school-based health education program for 400-500 for the entire academic year. We need funding for 30 schools.

HIPE Funding Profile

Over 90% of HIPE funding are spent on operational activities while we keep administrative spending under 10% annually.