Healthy Initiatives through Peer Education (HIPE)

HIPE’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions to address health, economic and social issues in the most disadvantaged communities through youth empowerment, public health and community engagement, young entrepreneurship development.

HIPE is made possible by the large pool of dedicated staff, interns, Core Team members, Subgroup leaders, PHEs, volunteers, youth council participants, and their families and friends who support them.

As youths are promoted to higher positions, they are given more training to prepare them for the greater responsibilities, but this does not mean they no longer participate in the activities from before. Every person affiliated with HIPE works together to make HIPE run as effectively and efficiently as it does.

Our goals consist of:

  1. Building healthy communities through capacity building in youth empowerment and community development;

  2. Reducing burden of preventable diseases and poor health outcomes through health education, promotion, and intervention activities;

  3. Advancing students for professional and career development in social and economic innovations, community development and public health fields, and STEM;

  4. Engaging US and Vietnam youths in young leadership cultural and social exchanges including immersion programs in English or Vietnamese.