Some photos from Hội vui cho bé, our very own mini children’s day…

We had so much fun preparing for and during the event. Enjoy these photos to get a glimpse of all the fun we had!

Top left: Staff (Kieu Han, Ngoc, Phuong Vinh, Cathy, Anh, Nhat Hang), Top right: Enjoying treats from the baking station, Bottom left: Practicing some children’s yoga, Bottom right: Storytelling with chị Ngoc
Top left: Reading with chị Clarissa (US), Top right: Developing fine motor skills, Bottom left: Practicing gross motor skills with chị Megan (US), Bottom right: Making pancakes with cô Cathy (US)

Just like that, it was over, but it was so worth it. For more information about events like this one, please contact HIPE Team on Facebook.