An Open Discussion on Human Trafficking – December 2008

Sunday, December 7th, 2008, 11am-1pm
San Jose, CA

On Sunday, December 7th, 2008, from 11am – 1pm, VA-NGO Network will be holding a forum on the topic of trafficking of human beings (THB) in Vietnam. It will be an open discussion to achieve the following goals, but not limited to:

1. Building a shared understanding of which NGOs are operating anti-THB related projects or have intentions to start new anti-THB related projects and their operational objectives for 2009.
2. Encouraging NGOs to explore opportunities to collaborate with each other and with the VA-NGO network on anti-THB projects or a component of the project when possible.
3. Assisting VA-NGO Network to explore and define its roles in working on anti-THB and assisting different NGOs to further their anti-THB project objectives.
4. Forming an anti-THB working group to further define objectives as discussed and agreed upon in this forum.

For organizations and individuals who are already working or plan to implement new anti-THB project, you are cordially invited and encouraged to attend this open discussion on the topic of trafficking of human beings. You inputs will be invaluable to this process and will allow us to have better and collaborative strategies to work on this daunting issue in Vietnam!