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We continue to provide Capacity Building Workshops, HEI (Health Education Initiative), PedFACTS CPR/1st Aid Training and HIPE (Healthy Initiatives through Peer Education) engaging the youth to be Peer Health Educators. Our upcoming spring training will be in Hue, Vinh Long and Saigon, details to follow.


Dear Colleagues,

Eleven years ago, I walked into the first gathering of the VANGO Network without knowing much about many of you or your organizations. Today I am proud to continue to be part of this Network and still working tirelessly on behalf of many members and non-members alike to engage in collaboration, sharing resources and networking. 

I invite you to come back to Asilomar this May 30, 2015 to discuss:

  • The effectiveness and impact of your work in Vietnam
  • The type of collaboration or partnership that has worked for your organization
  • Your expectation for the roles and services of VANGO Network to your organization

Other topics for discussion:

  • Rethinking Scholarship – Beyond the traditional impoverished family and good grade pre-requisite
  • Innovative ways for Social Enterprise – Beyond non profit and bottom line for a sustainable economy and environment
  • From Mobile Medical Mission to Public Health – Training a new kind of workforce of healthcare professionals, school/institution personnel and caretakers/parents 

We will have an update on the work of the late James Do Ba Phuoc with the Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation (VNPF). He is the co-founder of VNPF, VNHELP, Pacific Links Foundation, and the VANGO Network. Their books theNôm dictionnary printed in true type will be available for purchase. 

Please save the date!
Saturday, May 30, 2015
11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Asilomar Conference Grounds
800 Asilomar Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Registration here – Members $25, Non-Members $50 

For hotel lodging reservation, please book directly with Asilomar.
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Detailed agenda will be posted later

Saturday, May 30, 2015
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM  Registration, Meet & Greet and Food Prep
12:00 PM – 02:00 PM  BBQ Picnic
02:00 PM – 06:00 PM  General Members and Non-Members Meeting
Sunday, May 31, 2105
08:00 AM – 03:00 PM  Board of Directors Meeting

Find out more about the details of the historical event of the first conference in 2014

I am looking forward to meet you at this beautiful coastal resort and conference ground.

Cathy Lam
Program Director
HIPE Co-Director
VA NGO Network
714 330 3589

Advance Registration Required at Join the Trainings

Lucie Smith and Theresa Kuo will deliver a short training program on English skills for high school teachers and HIPE staff during their visit to Vietnam in February 2015. The first workshop is on English teaching methodology, focusing on classroom activity ideas for EFL teachers. The second workshop will provide participants with opportunities to practice writing coherent and cohesive sentences and paragraphs. In addition, participants will discuss about how to improve listening and speaking skills.

  1. English Teaching Methodology (English 1)
    • Participants: High school teachers
    • Date: 9th February 2015
    • Venue: Park View Hotel, Hue
    • Presenters: Lucie Smith and Theresa Kou
  2. Conversational English and Writing Skills (English 2)
    • Participants: HIPE staff
    • Date: 10th and 11th February 2015
    • Venue: HIPE office or Conference hall at 5 Ha Noi St. Hue City
    • Presenters: Lucie Smith and Theresa Kou

HIPE Annual Training agenda is developed based on actual working experience. This training provides opportunities for HIPE staff and volunteers to review and enhance their skills needed for their work. Besides presentations on reproductive health, adolescent health, video making and art and craft, the training will host discussion sessions on school-based reproductive health curriculum and tools and challenges in the work on reproductive health and making video.

  • Participants: HIPE staff and volunteers
  • Date: 7th and 8th March 2015
  • Venue: Conference hall at 5 Ha Noi St. Hue City.
  • Presenters: Cathy Lam, Tran Kim Anh, Lucie Smith, Tran Ai My and HIPE staff.

CBW is a series of on-demand workshops on child development, professional enhancement and social work.

  1. CBW in Vinh Long (CBW 1) Date: 8th and 9th March 2015
    • Topics: Early childhood care and education, dental care, setting limits and positive discipline, child’s temperament, social emotional development, and educational activities for preschool children.
    • Participants: Preschool teachers from Long Ho District
    • Venue: Long Ho District in Vinh Long
    • Presenters: binh nguyen rybacki, Cathy Lam, Tran Kim Anh. Nguyen Tri Nhu Quynh, Tran Ai My and Le Thi Hong.
  2. CBW in HCMC (CBW 2)
    • Topics: Early childhood care and intervention Date: 10 March 2015
    • Topic: Principles of dealing with handicapped children Date: 11 March 2015
    • Topic: Transportation and multiple trauma, and disaster drill Date: 13 March 2015
    • Venue: HCMC
    • Presenters: Dr. Quynh Kieu, PVNF team and Tran Kim Anh
  3. CBW in Hue (CBW 3) Date: 15th March 2015
    • Topics: enhancing soft skills (such as communication skills, listening skills and team building skills), early childhood education skills (such as learning though play and social emotional development) and community building skills.
    • Participants: Third year students from University of Hue
    • Venue: Trung tam Giao duc Nhan Dao Hue
    • Presenters: Tran Kim Anh, Nguyen Thi Kinh, Cathy Lam, Doan Thu Le, and Tran Ai My.
  4. CBW in Vinh (CBW 4) Date: 18 March 2015
    • Topics: Brain development and care for kids with disabilities.M/li>
    • Participants: Preschool teachers and care workers at institutions for kids with disabilities.
    • Venue: Pediatric Hospital in Vinh
    • Presenter: Tran Kim Anh

VANGO Network offers 2 kinds of PedFACTs training for preschool teachers and administrators: (1) PedFACTs Provider training and (2) PedFACTs Instructor training.
PedFACTs Provider training is for preschool teachers and child care givers. They will be equipped with first aid skills to response to different kinds of child injuries and illness.
PedFACTs Instructor training is for more experienced teachers who have presentation skills. They are trained to become certified PedFACTs Instructors who can conduct PedFACTs trainings on their own in their communities.

  1. PedFACTs Instructor training in Hue (HEI 1) Date: 8th and 9th February
    • Participants: Medical students
    • Venue: Trung tam Giao duc Nhan Dao Hue
    • Presenters: Tran Kim Anh and Dr. Dang Ngoc Thanh Thao
  2. PedFACTs Instructor and Provider training in Vinh Long (HEI 2) Date: 7th and 8th March
    • Participants: Preschool teachers and headmasters in Binh Tan district
    • Venue: Binh Tan, Vinh Long
    • Presenters: Tran Kim Anh, Dr. Truong Hoai Phong and Dr. Truong Thi Thu Cuc
  3. PedFACTs Provider Training in HCMC (HEI 3) Date: 12 March 2015
    • Participants: Preschool teachers
    • Venue: HMCM
    • Presenter: Tran Kim Anh, Dr. Quynh Kieu
  4. PedFACTs Instructor and Provider training in Hue (HEI 4) Date: 13th and 14th March
    • Participants: Preschool teachers in Hue and medical students
    • Venue: Trung tam Giao duc Nhan Dao Hue
    • Presenters: Tran Kim Anh and Dr. Dang Ngoc Thanh Thao
  5. PedFACTs Provider Training in Vinh (HEI 5) Dates: 17, 19, 20 March 2015
    • Participants: Preschool teachers and care workers at institutions for kids with disabilities.
    • Venues: Quy Chau District and Pediatric Hospital in Vinh
    • Presenters: Tran Kim Anh, Dr Quynh Kieu


VA NGO Network Health Education Initiative – HEI
2014 Spring PedFACTS-Vietnam Training Course

Vĩnh Long: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 ** 8:00am – 5:00pm ** Tam Bình District, Vĩnh Long Province, Vietnam

Deadline: August 1, 2014

The VA NGO Network Health Education Initiative (HEI) PedFACTS-Vietnam is collaboration between Project Vietnam Foundation, American Academy of Pediatrics and VANGO Network focusing to provide the Pediatric First Aid Training for caregivers and teachers based on PedFACTS for which the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has granted Vietnamese copyrights to Project Vietnam Foundation (PVNF).

HEI PedFACTS-Vietnam Training Course

  • PedFACTS-Vietnam Provider First Aid Training provides caregivers and teachers the basic first aid skills and confidence that they need to effectively care for children. (1 day)

Course Objectives

  • Improve knowledge of child care givers
  • Reduce injury and emergency events for children in the school/childcare setting
  • Introduce training on First aid for preschool/school teachers, for proposed adoption into national standards

Who should attend?

  • Pediatric doctors and nurses working for VANGO Network member organizations and local hospitals, schools and childcare centers
  • Kindergarten teachers and caregivers working for VANGO Network member organizations and local schools and childcare centers


  • Participants will receive the Instructor or Provider Certificate American Academy of Pediatrics AAP & the VA NGO Network provided they have successfully completed the course.

HEI – Provider Course Registration: 1 day

  • Members: $50
  • Non Members: $90

Registration costs covered course supplies, training materials, book and certification from American Academy of Pediatrics & the VA NGO Network. Pre-Registration is required. Space is limited on a first-come, first–serve basis.

For detailed info, sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, please contact to: Cathy Hà Lâm: 714-330-3589 (USA) * Dương Phan: 0906-958-939 (Việt Nam) or info@va-ngo.orgwww.va-ngo.org