Capacity Building Workshops – Vietnam – Spring 2010

April 2-3 Huế
April 5-6 HCMC

The series of CBWs are titled Seeds of Change: For the Interest of the Child.  The Spring CBWs was a collaborative effort between VANGO Network, Trung Tâm Giáo Dục Nhân Đạo Huế and Trung Tâm Nuôi Dưỡng Bảo Trợ Trẻ Em Gò Vấp.

The Spring 2-day Capacity Building Workshop included new topics: Life skills for success: Top tips for communication skills, Listening and Time Management, Emotional Intelligence Quotations, and Language and Literacy Development: The Art of Story Telling.  There were a total of 81 participants (76 females and 7 males) in Hue on April 2-3, 2010. On April 5-6, there were 56 participants (40 females and 16 males) at the CBW in Go Vap, HCMC.

Language and Literacy Development: The Art of Story Telling was presented by Ms. Ngô Thanh Giang. Participants were captured by the presentation on the significance of language development with emphasis on the art of story telling. Ms Giang delivered the workshop interactively with in-class exercises and dialogue among participants and presenter.

The participants attending the workshop on Life Skills for Success: Top Tips for Communication Skills, Listening and Time Management learnt that practicing life skills not just about dealing with purely social issues, it is also a process that involves education and mobilizing of communities and individuals to effect change with the objective to be successful in society. Ms. Bình Nguyễn Rybacki from COPI gave many examples and used the humor with interactive questions which made the session more lively and engaging.

The workshop on Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) facilitated by Dr. John Nguyen from ICEVN inspired the workshop attendants with the four core-skills for communicating social emotional interactions effectively. Dr Nguyen also showed many video clips on specific cases to illustrate the importance of EQ and its role in fostering effective and productive work?

The topic on Social work practice with children and families was presented in Hue by Ms. Trần Ái Mỹ, a consultant from SDSC and lecturer from HCM University who enriched the subject with insights from her extensive experiences in working in social work leading to lively discussion on handling difficult situations.

Lunch and Learn: After Our1World Sustainability of food and the environment for healthy living workshop, Ms Cathy Lam and Ms. Lê Quý Tiểu Hải, engaged members like FHF, CESR, TCF to bring one cooked ingredient (brown rice, lotus seed, green Mung Bean) for the VA-NGO collaboration rice. Together they demonstrated the lesson by providing delicious lunch and snacks. Participants made action commitments to preserve the nutrients in cooking, to use nutritional food chart and to follow the hygiene & sanitation procedures when feeding children.
VA NGO Network Summer 2010