DCA partners with the Dim Sum Warriors to provide Vietnamese translation of kids COVID-19 quiz

We are so excited to share our partnership with Yum Cha Studios to provide the Vietnamese translation of their (free) Dim Sum Warriors COVID-19 quiz.
Special thank you to Design Capital Asia HIPE coordinators Võ Thị Kiều Hân and Trần Thị Như Hồng who worked on this translation as part of DCA and VANGO Network COVID-19 relief efforts in USA and Vietnam.
To take the Dim Sum Warriors COVID-19 Quiz in Vietnamese, click here. For the English version, click here.
Yum Cha Studios has partnered with organizations around the world to provide this quiz in 16 languages so that children from multiple cultures have access to this fun way of learning about COVID-19 prevention protocol. And we’re excited that the quiz will now be available to Vietnamese communities.

For more information about how to support VANGO Network COVID-19 relief efforts, feel free to contact us at 1-714-330-3589 or info@va-ngo.org.

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