VA NGO Network – Health Education Initiative

Join our efforts to help save lives of young children: Be a Founder, Partner or Team of this unique Initiative

The Health Education Initiative (HEI) is a new program from the VANGO Network to complement the Network on-going Capacity Building Workshops (CBW).  The focus of the Initiative is on health education, with these components:

    • PedFACTS-Vietnam pediatric first aid training for caregivers and teachers based on PedFACTS for which the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has granted Vietnamese copyrights to PVNF. The first PedFACTS-Vietnam training will be conducted in November 2010 in Hanoi, HCMC, and Hue.
    • Three (3) training centers, to be coordinated by a lead counterpart organization to deliver training to childcare givers and teachers. At each training center, the VANGO Network will provide an initial set of manikins and first-aid supplies. Through these training centers, VANGO Network member organizations can schedule training for your associates and volunteers.

Over the next three (3) years, the goals of the Health Education Initiative (HEI) are to reach:

  • Over 200 PedFACTS-Vietnam instructors
  • Over 2,000 providers
  • At least 30,000 children towards a safer environment

Be a Founder, Partner or Team

Join our sponsorship to launch this unique training to support VANGO Network to provide teaching equipments, sets of manikins and first aid supplies to help train the first Team of instructors in Vietnam. We are seeking additional fund of $28,100 to launch this initiative and additional funds for the 3 years of implementation.

PVNF already supported the initial translation of the training booklet, and the teaching team from AAP, PVNF and PALS has already committed to contribute 68% of the total budget for the first set of equipment and first aid supplies and their two-weeks teaching fees and travel in November 2010 in Vietnam as project lead sponsor.

For more information on how you can support–be a Founder, Partner or Team and to learn more about this revolutionary project, please contact Son Michael Pham, or Cathy Lam at

Sponsorship Level
Founder $10,000 Set up a Training site
Partner $5,000 Training equipments and
Training of 10 instructors
Team $2,000 Training of 5 instructors