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OneHeart, Issue 04


VYAG PHEs (Very Young Adolescent Girls), HIPE Summer Training Camp (2019)

Be Good.

By Cathy Lam, Treasurer (VANGO Network), Co-Founder & President (Our1World)

Over the years, I said these words every time I parted from our two children. The meaning changed–from toddler to adolescent years, and then into adulthood, but the core idea is always the same: Be good to yourself, so you can be good to the community.

Be good and find your place in the world and navigate through the oceans of life while being mindful of how your actions affect others.

Be good and truly hear your own voice as well as others. And be the voice for those who cannot find theirs, or have yet to find the courage to do so.

Be good and learn from your mistakes, turning them into lessons that can be shared with others.

Be good and include mental health as part of the whole physical self. If you cannot find happiness, it would be hard pressed to be physically healthy nor will you be able to help others.

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Dear Members and Friends,

At our regional meeting in Houston earlier this year, VA-NGO Board heard loud and clear from members about the need for enhancing health education to benefit children, and for collaboration towards gathering a library of health materials to be shared.

Our Capacity Building Workshop team has developed a curriculum of presentations to enhance essential skills for partners and staff of member organizations in Vietnam. With a broadened participation and new contributors such as speakers in the US and Vietnam from CPI, ICEVN, O1W, PALS, TCF, Trường Sư Phạm Mẫu Giáo and SDRC, we strive to offer value for your membership.

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Dear members & friends,

Blum…Blum…Blum…The Beats of OneHeart.

This is my pleasure to welcome you to our 2nd OneHeart newsletter.

Our OneHeart will serve as the artery that links member organizations together into a larger body where everyone can share the best practices, tips in pursuing our common goal as well as to share and lighten the many frustrations and burdens encountered on our journey.

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From the Desk of the Board Chair

Dear Members and Friends,

As we move forward to the new year 2010, 2009 had shown us that we can support each other and our communities by remembering our core mission: to provide information, resources, and enlightenment to our members at large. There have been a multitude of challenges; but through it all VA-NGO Network has continued to grow and thrive.

Successful Capacity Building Workshops in 2009 trained 468 educators and volunteers from 12 VA-NGOs and 22 agencies in 8 provinces, and one Regional Meeting in Orange county focused on Human Trafficking last September.

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